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Divine nature, a breathtaking beautiful world,

And I'm just a guest capturing the wonder.

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My Back Yard

The Dead Sea, also known by other names, is a salt lake bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel west. It lies in the Jordan Rift Valley, and its main tributary is the Jordan River. The lake's surface is 430.5 meters below sea level, making its shores the lowest land-based elevation on Earth.

This place is the most special place for landscape photographers and one of the unique places on Earth.

The Dead Sea shores are constantly changing even on a daily basis, revealing salt and mud textures like taken from another planet.

This is my most frequently visited location for photography in Israel, whenever my friends and I believe the weather is good enough for getting a red sunrise, we wake up early enough, jump in the car, arrive just before dawn to get the perfect composition on time for the epic sunrises this place has to offer.

Surely I will keep publishing photos from this magical place.


My Home

Israel is my homeland, the place I was born and raised and love.

As the most famous line penned by Shaul Tchernichovsky, Russian-born Hebrew poet wrote, “Man is but the imprint of his native landscape”

No matter where I travel and where I spend my vacations and holidays, Israel is the place to go back to, where home is.

Israel is a wonderful place for landscape photography, the diversity of landscape in so wide, in a couple of hours drive you can go from the snowy peaks of the Golan Heights to the dry desert of the Negev. Wonderful coastline with seastacks, architecture, flowers, wildlife and many more. The highlight of Israel landscape photography is of course the Dead Sea which is a unique place on earth, there is no place like it and I dedicate an entire collection just to it.

LAPLAND - Russia

February | 2020

Lapland is a territory that was historically inhabited by the Sami. Now it's on the territory of Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Though the Sami are considered as the most mysterious European people, they are known for their unhurried way of life and meditativeness.

Three fellow photographers friends from Israel and I have decided to take this extreme photography trip to Russian Lapland in the peak of the winter. We knew that conditions were going to be hard and tough but to get the best photo opportunities that region has to offer, we had to be there when the land was in its best glory.

Days are short with beautiful soft warm light between sunrise and sunset, nights are long and clear creating the best opportunities to view the northern lights.

We rented a 4x4 vehicle which took us to unique places so we could get the best Lapi landscape experience.

Black water rivers, snow textures, frozen lakes, epic colors in the sky and above all the Aurora Borealis gave us a show to remember for a long time.

USA - west

September | 2021

The trip to the US was the ultimate road trip, 35 days which started in Seattle and ended in LA. crossing 8 states, visiting 11 national parks, driving 9,500 km, hiking 300 km, rare views and stories for a lifetime, all this with the perfect partner I could choose.

This was a dream trip, which we never had a chance to make when we were young, so we took a break from life and dedicated the time just to ourselves and to the beautiful nature America has to offer.

We tried to cover as may national parks as possible along the way and beside the iconic places we managed to find some unique and special places.


July | 2018

Iceland is a “must-go-to” location for every landscape photographer, this land is so primeval and wild, the number of waterfalls, mountains, lakes, snow patches and so much more makes this country the “Mecca” of photography.

Iceland can look very different depending on the season you decide to visit.

My wife and I decided to visit during summer time when all roads are open for 4x4 and all sites are open to visitors.

We invited two of our best friends, rented a 4x4 vehicle and spent 12 days exploring this amazing land of ice and fire.

Traveling in Iceland is like traveling back in time to earth creation time, the land keeps changing, volcano eruptions creating new landscapes every year and reveliving the geology of earth.

The advantages of visiting during summer time are of course the weather which is not bad, all road blocks are removed and you can go pretty much wherever you want, everything is green and with a little luck you can view the blossom of the Lupines.

On the other hand you cannot view the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) and you don't get to view the famous and magnificent frozen waterfalls.

I’m pretty sure I will go back to Iceland, and this time during winter time.

My WorkShops

If you love photography and want to take your hobby to the next level.

If you want to learn the post production process, know how to give your photos a personal touch.

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My Story

My name Is Shahar Harat and I’m an enthusiast landscape photographer based in Israel.

I have always loved taking photos while traveling or vacationing.

I was looking at professional photos from the same places I have visited and did not understand why my photos don’t look as good and wondered what manipulations they have made to the images to make them look that good. I knew I had a hidden talent but something was missing to take it to the next level.

My Latest Adventure

I invite you to subscribe to my blog where you can see some behind the scenes and read the stories from my travels around the world.

In the blog, you can find photography, professional tips, and prime locations to visit from my experience.


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NORWAY - Lofoten Islands

February | 2018

AUSTRIA - Vienna

January | 2019


My Home


September | 2018


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April | 2019

USA - West

September | 2021

ROME - Italy

April | 2016

LAPLAND - Russia

February | 2020


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My Back Yard


Home at Night


April | 2022

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