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Iceland is a “must-go-to” location for every landscape photographer, this land is so primeval and wild, the number of waterfalls, mountains, lakes, snow patches and so much more makes this country the “Mecca” of photography.

Iceland can look very different depending on the season you decide to visit.

My wife and I decided to visit during summer time when all roads are open for 4x4 and all sites are open to visitors.

We invited two of our best friends, rented a 4x4 vehicle and spent 12 days exploring this amazing land of ice and fire.

Traveling in Iceland is like traveling back in time to earth creation time, the land keeps changing, volcano eruptions creating new landscapes every year and reveliving the geology of earth.

The advantages of visiting during summer time are of course the weather which is not bad, all road blocks are removed and you can go pretty much wherever you want, everything is green and with a little luck you can view the blossom of the Lupines.

On the other hand you cannot view the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) and you don't get to view the famous and magnificent frozen waterfalls.

I’m pretty sure I will go back to Iceland, and this time during winter time.



July | 2018

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