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World Pandemic is not a good time for traveling and especially not for traveling photographers.

The entire world was under lockdowns and curfews for almost two years.

I was monitoring the COVID policies around the world and waited for the first opportunity to pop.

In December 2020 a very small window of opportunity opened and Rwanda was declared a “Green Country”. Subjected to a negative COVID test and 24 hours quarantine, a tourist can enter the country as long as wearing a face mask throughout the visit.

We joined an organized tour which gave us a permit to visit the famous rare Mountain Gorilla - known as SilverBack Gorilla.It took us a full day of hike through the jungle, in deep mud, fighting fire ants, Nettles burns to finally spend an hour with a family of Mountain Gorillas.

We found a beautiful country with warm and kind people who are still licking the wounds of the bloody war from 1994.

Not only beautiful wildlife Rwanda has to offer, but also rich culture and amazing landscape.



December | 2020

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