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Lapland is a territory that was historically inhabited by the Sami. Now it's on the territory of Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Though the Sami are considered as the most mysterious European people, they are known for their unhurried way of life and meditativeness.

Three fellow photographers friends from Israel and I have decided to take this extreme photography trip to Russian Lapland in the peak of the winter. We knew that conditions were going to be hard and tough but to get the best photo opportunities that region has to offer, we had to be there when the land was in its best glory.

Days are short with beautiful soft warm light between sunrise and sunset, nights are long and clear creating the best opportunities to view the northern lights.

We rented a 4x4 vehicle which took us to unique places so we could get the best Lapi landscape experience.

Black water rivers, snow textures, frozen lakes, epic colors in the sky and above all the Aurora Borealis gave us a show to remember for a long time.


LAPLAND - Russia

February | 2020

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